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Lenders and investors will be keenly interested in their previous successes, particularly in how they relate to this current venture.Include each person’s name and position, along with a short description of what the individual’s main duties will be.Having a solid plan for how your business will run is a key component of its smooth and successful operation.

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One way to explain your organizational structure in the business plan is graphically.

A simple diagram or flowchart can easily demonstrate levels of management and the positions within them, clearly illustrating who reports to whom, and how different divisions of the company (such as sales and marketing) relate to each other.

A smooth-running operation runs far more efficiently and cost-effectively than one flying by the seat of its pants, and this section of your business plan will be another indication that you know what you’re doing.

A large company is also likely to need additional operational categories such as human resources and possibly research and development.

Now that we understand the structure of your business, we need to meet the people who’ll be running it. This section is important even for a single practitioner or sole proprietorship, as it will introduce you and your qualifications to the readers of your plan.

Start at the top with the legal structure and ownership of the business.

Detail his or her education, and any unique skills or experience, especially if they’re relevant to the job at hand.

Mention previous employment and any industry awards or recognition related to it, along with involvement with charities or other non-profit organizations.

Whether you’re in a partnership or are a sole owner, this is where to mention it.

List the names of the owners of the business, what percent of the company each of them owns, the form of ownership (common or preferred stock, general or limited partner), and what kind of involvement they’ll have with day-to-day operations; for example, if they’re an active or silent partner.


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