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At times, you may be given a topic that has insufficient points; this usually disadvantages you because your points get finished whereas you are supposed to meet the paper word limit.You may be given a 1000-word essay, and you get stuck while at 500 words, but at the end of the day, you should meet the length of the paper to satisfy your examiner; this calls for you to know how to lengthen your paper.

Give alternative views and examples to your arguments.

While explaining your points, you should give different versions of the same point and explain each independently.

There are many ways on how to extend an essay and make your paper look longer.

You can increase your word count by clarifying your statement.

For example, you may be mentioning a list of board members who attended a certain meeting, instead of referring to them using ‘they’.

Go ahead and mention each who attended the occasion and you will have increased your word count and that is not a crime at all, it’s an alternative way of doing the same, but you will have saved your essay length. The introduction of an essay is usually short, but you can choose to lengthen your introduction by giving a small history about the origin of the topic you are writing.While writing your essay, do use quotes to match your description.In constituting quotes in your work, you have to state the quote first, then explain its meaning while relating with what you are talking about in your sentences.When you put down your points, you should be able to describe them vividly to the reader by use of descriptive words that match with your topic.You will need to describe everything that you are writing about to the reader.When you conclude, make sure that you touch on every point you had talked in your body but in the summary form.You have to learn how to add words to your conclusion; after finishing the conclusion, you can read through and know exactly where to add words to your sentences.Increasing the size of your margin will also increase the length of your essay a great deal.The margins of a page are usually the spaces left on the sides, the top and the bottom of a page; once you increase the size of your page margin, then definitely the words would have to rearrange and thereby increase the number of pages.The best way to expound on your description is by giving a brief background of what you are talking about.In writing of a background about something, you need to have some factual evidence to support your statements to make meaning to the reader.


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