Macbeth Essays On Blood Motif

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Sleeplessness in the play symbolizes the disorder and havoc occurring or about to occur in Scotland.

Within the first lines, the three witches cast a spell, "Sleep shall neither night nor day, hang up his penthouse lid" (1.3.19).

He is aware that there is something seemingly evil about what the witches have prophesized, even though they claimed Banquo's sons would become heirs to the throne of Scotland.

Banquo's nightmares and sleeplessness are foreshadowing Duncan's murder and developing the theme of guilt.

Sleep is very crucial in our lives since it keeps our bodies and brains functioning property.

Similar to our lives, sleep is also crucial in Macbeth.If we have clear consciences, we usually possess the ability to sleep.But when our consciences are full of guilt, we experience a state of sleeplessness."Hold, take my sword, there's husbandry in heaven;/ Their candles are all out.Take thee that too./ A heavy summons lies like lead upon me,/ And yet I would not sleep:" (2.1. Banquo is a good spirit but happens to know about the three witches' prophecies, which are causing him to experience nightmares.Shakespeare uses sleep and sleeplessness as a motif to distinguish the good characters from the evil characters.Sleeplessness is a major consequence for those who have committed sins; sign of guilt; and development of characterization for major characters.How much more if you haven't slept in weeks or even a whole year.Sleep can be defined as a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body.After King Duncan is dead, Macbeth hears a voice saying,”Methought I heard a voice cry ‘Sleep no more!/Macbeth does murder sleep,’ the innocent sleep,/Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care,/The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath,/Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,/Chief nourisher in life's feast (2.2.32-37 Images of Night and Sleep in Macbeth by William Shakespeare The Shakespearean work Macbeth is a dramatic tragedy.


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