Logical Problem Solving Questions

Logical Problem Solving Questions-13
Be it a manager or an accountant, be it a doctor or an engineer and be it a banker or a teacher, there cannot be an interview without the technical questions being raised.Your technical prowess is the reason why you are being called for an interview.

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It is not enough that you just find out where you went wrong. Don’t leave it for another time or for the next one.

The interviewers would want a candidate who knows where he has gone wrong and how did he go about rectifying the problem thereafter.

The company before employing the candidate should know if it is worth investing in him. Interviewers will want to know your stress handling capacity and will you be able to perform well under stress. How will you be able to pacify an unsatisfied client? Any profession demands you to communicate, so that problems do not creep out due to miscommunication.

They need to know if the candidate will be an asset to the company and contribute in increasing productivity and growth. Of course, interview in itself is a stress and how well you handle the interview is an indicator enough for them to know your stress handling capacity, isn’t it? You constantly face challenges from your clients, customers, seniors, subordinates and everyone. Let the case be of putting forth your ideas or telling your difficulties, only when you say, others can understand.

In verbal logic reasoning tests, usually a short passage is given and you are asked questions related to that. These tests are taken for jobs at finance sectors, banks, professional services, consulting firms and for fresher level entry jobs at software and hardware firms. Analytical thinking involves breaking a complex problem into parts and examining each part by the facts and data available and reaching a conclusion.

So your analytical skills are tested by such kind of questions.

Logical reasoning is closely related to general intelligence.

In a diagrammatic version, questions on relative position of items, number of items, their relation with each other, orientation and positioning, sequence, shapes and colors etc are asked.

When a candidate faces an interview he will be tested for his skills.

The type of questions asked will depend on the job he is seeking.


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