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Moore considered signing the ledger something between an act of citizenship and a sacrament, to be undertaken only after reading a pledge: “When I write my name in this book I promise to take good care of the books I use in the Library and at home, and to obey the rules of the Library.” During both the First and Second World Wars, soldiers on leave in the city climbed the steps past Patience and Fortitude, walked into the Children’s Room, and asked to see the black books from years past. ” Her verdict, not any editor’s, not any bookseller’s, sealed a book’s fate. White, born in Mount Vernon, New York, in 1899, was a generation Moore’s junior.They wanted to look up their names, to trace the record of a childhood lost, an inky, smudged once-upon-a-time. She kept a rubber stamp at her desk that she used, liberally, while paging through publishers’ catalogues: “Not recommended for purchase by expert.” The end. Watching Moore stand in the way of “Stuart Little,” White’s editor, Ursula Nordstrom, remembered, was like watching a horse fall down, its spindly legs crumpling beneath its great weight. As a boy, he was frustrated that there were books in his town library he wasn’t allowed to look at.

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“Do not expect or demand perfect quiet,” she instructed her staff.

“The education of children begins at the open shelves.” In place of locked cabinets, she provided every library with a big black ledger; if you could sign your name, you could borrow a book.

At the time, you had to be fourteen, and a boy, to get into the Astor Library, which opened in 1854, the same year as the Boston Public Library, the country’s first publicly funded city library, where you had to be sixteen.

Even if you got inside, the librarians would shush you, carping about how the “young fry” read nothing but “the trashy”: Scott, Cooper, and Dickens (one century’s garbage being, as ever, another century’s Great Books).

The Lion King The film I decided to summarize is The Lion King by Walt Disney. The movie opens with the themes song “The Circle Of Life” playing as the camera show Mufasa, king of the lions holding his newborn son Simba. Simba is a full grown lion now, much resembling his father. Scar makes it the lionesses job to go out and find food.

The whole community of animals is here at Pride Rock to witness young Simba because he is the future king. He plays all the time with his best friend, a lioness named Nala. He then meets Timon (a wisecracking merecat) and Pumba (a goofy warthog). One day while out hunting for food a fully grown Nala ventures to near Simbas home. Nala tells Simba that everyone thought he was dead.

In each of the library’s branches, Moore abolished age restrictions.

Down came the “Silence” signs, up went framed prints of the work of children’s-book illustrators.

After the library opened, in 1911, its Children’s Room became a pint-sized paradise, with its pots of pansies and pussy willows and oak tables and coveted window seats, so low to the floor that even the shortest legs didn’t dangle.

Much of what Moore did in that room had never been done before, or half as well.


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