Life In A Village In Essay

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Villages are the abodes of peace, beauty, love and simplicity.

The green and luxuriant vegetation, the flower plants and fruit trees, the green paddy and wheat fields, the pure air, the sweet singing of birds, the streams and rivers filled with clean and pure water and the healthy atmosphere are the attractions of the village life.

So these poor, innocent people are exploited by the landlords, politicians and bureaucrats. The pleasure one derive from the life in a village is very great.

The government has taken many steps to wipe out these evils from the villages.

Whenever there is a dispute, the villagers go to the headman who is held in such esteem that his words have the force of law.

In this way the villagers have developed their own simple laws, and the crimes of cities are almost unknown to the people of the village.There are few people performing farming and animal husbandry for survival.However, the majority are professionals with distinct qualifications in various careers.The village has always been known to be a place of peace and quiet.The scattered houses among hundreds of plants and trees indicate the lack of activities in the village.The relation between people is coordinal and harmonious. Most villages are devoid of the amenities of modern life.Educational and medical facilities, sources of recreation, and opportunities of employment are very limited. Poverty, ignorance and the rise in population are a curse in the villages.I am privileged to form an extended member of this great family living in Palampur village.Two rivers surround the village making it look an island. Precisely, it is situated near Ahmedabad in Gujarat.Trees naturally surround the green village of Palampur. Approximately, only a thousand people get their refuge from this region.


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