Leapor An Essay On Women

Leapor An Essay On Women-22
Women play a great role in everyone’s life without whom we cannot imagine the success of life.

Dress, dancing, balls, amuse her riper age, And drams and opiates are the toys of age; Pleas'd with this bauble still, as that before, 'Till tir'd, she sleeps... for which in want, in wealth we sigh, That Ease for which we labour and we die. attempt no more to rise, But own the wond'rous force of Woman's eyes; Who, big with laughter, your vain toil surveys, And shews her power a thousand diff'rent ways.

Why should the Female ever have the power, To tyrannize o'er Man, and to devour? confess all pleasure vain; Some hold the maxim others wrong would call, To try all Women... Know all the happiness we hope to find, Depends upon the will of Womankind. See Sin in state majestically drunk; Proud as a Peeress, prouder as a punk; Chaste to her husband, frank to all beside, A teeming mistress, but a barren bride; In whose mad brain the mix'd ideas roll, Of Tallboy's breeches, and Caesar's soul.

Imagination plies her dangerous art, And pours it all upon the peccant part: Nature it's mother, habit is it's nurse, Wit, spirit, faculties, but make it worse.

We wretched subjects to the female sway, The tyrant, Woman, one and all, obey; Who, bent to govern by her own wise rules, Will, if she finds not, aim to make us fools; Teach us to mourn our state, but not to mend; A sharp accuser, but a helpless friend!

Why should the wife, the learned, and the fool, The brave, the rich.... Ask of the learn'd the cause, the learn'd are blind, This bids us seek, that shun all Womankind; Some place the bliss in serving'one alone, Some by a single Passion are undone. Nothing so true as Pope, long since, let fall, "Most Women have no characters at all"; How many pictures of one nymph we view! Who, spite of delicasy, stoops at once, And makes her hearty meal upon a dunce. two alone divide the mind; Those only fixed, they, first or last, obey, The love of pleasure, and the love of sway.

In this essay of women empowerment we have discussed the topic role of women in society.By following such a big responsibility in the family, they are fully able to come out and do job for bright future of own, family and country.Women are considered as the goddess in the Indian society from the ancient time however it is also true that they are not treated as goddess.But let her first the harder reason guess, Why she is form'd no blinder, and no less? The girl thy passion dooms a lawful prey, Had she thy reason, would she sing, and play? cries, for mine; For me the artist tries his utmost power, And forms, from gems, the artificial flower; Annual, for me, returning winter comes; For me prepares ridottos, masks, and drums; For me, joy gushes from a thousand springs; And forty shilling actors soar to Kings; Chairmen to waft me, boys to light me rise. But errs not nature from her kind intent, When female minds, on mischief ever bent, Delight to torture where they ought to please. Better for us, perhaps, it might appear, Were you a mitre'd priest, and I a peer; But trust me, C...., those, who better know, Have long determined it shall not be so.Ask of her mother, Earth, why oaks are made Taller, or stronger, than the weeds they shade? Pleas'd to the last, she yields her virgin charms, And hugs the dear destroyer in her arms. blindness to the future, not to see Her two worst enemies are, love and thee; From whom to endless ruin she is sent, Her fatal passion is her punishment, Hope springs eternal in the female breast, Women ne'er are, but always to be blest: The girls uneasy and confin'd, will run From dear mamma to us, to be undone. the poor Indian, whose untutor'd mind, With European taste all unrefin'd. Thus all subsists by politics and strife, And passions are the elements of life. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. leave all things beside, To low ambition, and to Scottish pride: Let us (since life can little more supply, Than, just to fight a duel ....and to die) Expatiate, freely, upon Woman-kind; And trace, the mighty errors of her mind; Mark where her thousand weeds, promiscuous, shoot; And, fearless, cultivate forbidden fruit: Together, let us trace this ample field; Try, what the open, what the covert yield; The artful tricks, and pretty slights explore, Of ev'ry coy, and every willing whore: Eye, all her walks; shoot folly, as it flies; Notice her actions, as to fight they rise: Blame, where we must; but laugh, where e'er we can; And shew, that Woman is the Foe of Man.Of God above, or Woman here low, What can we reason, but from what we know?They are being ill-treated for many years and used just as things to fulfil the wishes of men.Considering them as goddess is not enough to give them full women empowerment in the society; however it needs positive continuous effort and participation of both men and women to really bring women empowerment.


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