Lateral Problem Solving

There may not be much wiggle room, and as a result, innovation doesn’t have a space to flourish.

And critical thinking can be too methodical and by-the-books.

It was a unique and clever way of alerting the staff of the issue.

De Bono’s universe is full of wacky ways of solving problems–a “po”, for example, is a “provocation”, or an idea that can move thinking forward.

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The dictionary defines “lateral” as “of, at, toward, or from the side or sides”.

It’s the magic of taking a secret shortcut that only locals know so you can get around standstill traffic on the main roads.

We often censor ourselves and reject ideas that seem too “weird” or “out there”, but he argues that following different trains of thought until they reach their stations can be a great way of introducing innovation into your business.

The word “po” is inspired from the words suppose, possible, poetry, and hypothesis.


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