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Peter in the Vatican and is protected by bullet proof glass.Another famous statue he carved was that of “David” which he did for the city of Florence and it was around five metres tall.This is not something that we practice in Maths, nor is it something that we expect in an exam.

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“Students who were not rock-solid on their mathematical terminology would have struggled in parts of today’s paper two," he said, pointing to questions on statistics and geometry that were particularly challenging."In the afternoon, students turned their attention to science, with the paper described as "of its time" by Luke Saunders, founder and science teacher at Jesus and Mary Secondary School, Enniscrone."There were references to climate change, sustainability, our depletion of Iridium for use in mobile phone screens and even an entire question devoted to cutting-edge research from UCC that shows the link between gut bacteria and stress-related disorders," he said."There is a clear emphasis in the new course on scientific literacy and students whose teachers had exposed them to reading extracts from scientific magazines or journals would have had little problem with today’s source material." At Junior Cycle, science is examined at a Common Level, meaning there is no Higher or Ordinary paper.

Ms Cashell, of Dublin’s Institute of Education, described it as a “nice, fair, well-balanced paper” with which well-prepared students shouldn’t have had any difficulties. Whitaker, Secretary of the Department of Finance to James Ryan, the new Minister for Finance, on his first day in office in March 1957 and an edited extract from a report on the Irish Economy by a Bank of England official who visited Ireland in August, 1957 In Section 2, Irish History, Ms Cashell described Topic 3 Q2, on the Eucharistic Congress 1932 and its significance for Church and State, as “lovely and very well-balanced”.

She said the comprehension questions in the Documents-Based section were “clear and to the point”. It was Topic 3, Q4, on Anglo-Irish relations, 1923-1949 she thought so lovely that “the only problem here would be to stop writing!

” In Topic 5, on Politics & society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993, Ms Cashell said Q1, on Terence O’Neill, gave great scope to students.

When Lorenzo died Michelangelo moved to Rome and one of his first projects was the “Pieta”, a white marble sculpture of Mary and her dead son.

This world famous statue is today in the church of St.

Some students may have struggled with the terminology in the paper, while several questions would not have looked out of place on a Leaving Cert paper, teachers said.

There was also a striking similarity between some questions on the Ordinary and Higher Level papers, potentially causing a headache for some students.

It is carved out of a single block of white marble and is considered a masterpiece.

Pope Julius II was a famous patron of artists and he asked Michelangelo to carve his tomb and later to paint frescoes on to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.


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