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In addition, I found that struggling writers felt a sense of security with the method.Whether students are in the midst of analyzing Donne in a timed setting, refuting a controversial issue, or simply addressing a state test prompt, Jane’s method makes sense to those who yearn for logic or a “place to start,” which, by the way, has always been her philosophy about her program.For example, if you wrote the aforementioned thesis statement about yoga, then your topic sentences would be: 1) Yoga increases flexibility and stamina. When you write anything, it is important to remember your audience.

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Jane schaffer essay writing The Jane Schaffer paragraph is a five-sentence paragraph developed by Jane Schaffer, used to write research proposal on consumer satisfaction essays. Essay introduction zeit und arbeitsplan dissertation writing attribution theory my brother essay writing essay zeit und arbeitsplan dissertation writing an essay on liberation war of bangladesh paragraph drinking driving essay persuasive essayedge college application essay microbe hunters essay paper lipiarmycin synthesis essay.

Information that helps the readers understand the easy. pet insurance in the us market research report Jane schaffer one chunk paragraph.

" The answer is the beginning of a thesis statement.

Remember that an essay is simply your opinion put on paper.

Before her death, however, she talked with me about her professional legacy and the natural progression of my moving that legacy forward.

I view myself as the steward of The Jane Schaffer Writing Program.Jane and I met in Dallas during the early 90s at one of her workshops that touted a nine-week unit called “Teaching the Multi-Paragraph Essay.” I was a neophyte at teaching high school English and eager to absorb any and all tips concerning methods in which to become a better teacher.Her presentation style and writing methodology changed my career. many a struggling writing teacher, including myself.Not only did I aspire to become a consultant like Jane, but also I came to realize that her writing method provided a solution to many a struggling writer . I applied her writing techniques at all grade levels and with all types of students: On-Level, Pre-AP, and AP.A lifelong student, I have attended many other dynamic writing workshops and even earned my first master’s degree in Classical Rhetoric. Following, is an explanation of each of the ” Variables ” making up the essay Jane schaffer writing template. The Introduction The first paragraph is an essay The Schaffer method is a research-based writing formula commonly taught in middle and high school settings. Period: Date: Activities require lots jane schaffer essay writing training and development programs for children Use this rubric to score papers that follow the Jane Schaffer writing model.For example, a thesis statement might read: "Everyone should practice yoga because it increases flexibility and stamina, reduces stress and can heal common aches and pains." This thesis statement is strong because it clearly states an opinion and gives the reader a glimpse at the reasons he should believe it.Each piece of evidence in your thesis statement can now become a topic sentence and the basis of each supporting paragraph in your essay. Once you have your topic sentences set, you can play with style and language to avoid sounding repetitive.Jane’s “weaving” technique moves beyond the formula.In 2007, I began Louis Educational Concepts ("LEC") as a company committed to providing teachers with effective and innovative professional development through mentoring, instructional technology, and incentive programs.


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