Issues To Write A Research Paper On

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Comparing and contrasting the evidence and results produced by other investigators with your own findings can clarify and deepen your understanding of your research and its unique contribution to knowledge in your field.

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Could your findings have an effect on how practitioners do their jobs?

Might your findings affect other aspects of human lives such as healthcare, politics or education?

Do not forget to consider your research in relation to published scholarship.

Although the discussion should not digress into a literature review, discussing studies that are directly relevant to your research findings and their meaning is recommended.

Pick up key ideas from the paper’s introductory and background material – compelling reasons for the research, for example, questions and problems that had to be addressed, and hypotheses that required testing.

Remind readers of any particularly innovative or important methods you used and why they made such a difference.

All research projects have limitations, so there is no shame in revealing them; in fact, a clear and critical assessment of your study’s limitations will demonstrate your ability to evaluate your own research objectively.5.

Ensure that the implications of the findings produced by your research are clearly articulated for your readers.

While it is imperative not to overestimate the importance and value of what is, after all, only a short research paper, likely with a rather narrow focus, it is also essential to explain the realistic implications of your discoveries with precision.

Do your findings suggest productive directions for further research?


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