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Nowadays, tourism is the most reliable factor for huge economic growth. Humphreys (year) believes that economy of Poland and Ukraine will significantly benefit in a direct way from the tourism development during the soccer competition EURO 2012 (p. When hosting a ‘mega sporting event’ it is very important to be able to provide the increase of awareness of hosting country as a tourism destination.

For that purpose, involvement of the media is necessary.

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For example, as the requirement of FIFA, Football World cup host country must provide at least 8 modern stadiums.

All the expenditures and investments done are likely to bring much more profit instead.Therefore, not every ‘mega sport event’ can be successful, which means that not all economic impacts are positive.Ritchie, Shipway and Cleeve (2009) affirm that “the costs associated with hosting a mega sporting event, such as the Olympics may outweigh the positive benefits for some residents, who may reduce or withdraw their support for the event” (pp.145-146) .The games regenerated the whole economy of Australia.In the opinion of Bob Carr, the Premier of South Wales, Sydney Olympics is a sign of improvement of Australian economy and a fundamental for its further development (Locum Destination Review, 2001, p. On the other hand, economic impact is difficult to predict and to evaluate before the sporting competition.Morphet (1996) has affirmed that media is very essential part of promoting the host are as a tourism destination (as cited in Malfas, Theodoraki, & Houlihan, 2004 p. The reason for that are media-related advertisements and commercials can attract not only tourists, but also foreign sponsorships and investment.This, in turn, is very beneficial for the economy of the hosting country.Being already highly developed, infrastructure of the country automatically cut the costs for hosting another ‘mega sports events’ in the future, even if next event’s organization cost may exceed the previous one.The next economic impact major international sport events may bring to the host country is tourism development.In other words it can be stated that due to the infrastructure development unemployment can be reduced to some extent.For instance, according to the statistics, due to the Olympic Games in Barcelona at least 88,7 per cent decline in unemployment was registered from 1986-1992 (Brunet, 2005, p. In addition, there is another long-term positive impact of investment on local economy.


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