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Williams The Historian and the Individual 146 James C.

Malin Capitalism and Freedom 168 Milton Friedman 9 io Contents The Creative Powers of a Free Civilization 183 Friediich A.

From within his separate hide he can look out at the world with that certain aloofness which we call dignity~j No two men are alike any more than two snowflakes are alike.

However a man develops, under conditions of freedom or conditions of servi- tude, he will still differ from other men.

WHEN WE USE THE WORD individuality we refer to a whole gamut of meanings.

Starting from the meanings which pertain to the deepest recesses of private consciousness, these different meanings can be counted off one by one like the skins in the cross section of an onion, until we reach the everyday outer hide of meaning which crops up in common talk.More than one of the group found a certain parallelism with the Canterbury Pilgrims, with the Tabard Inn at Southwark where they assembled, with the rich variety and deep human insight of each and every strongly individualized tale.There is perhaps another similarity, since in both cases the order of presentation has no relationship with intrinsic merit.l /when we speak commonly, without exaggerated precision, of an individual, don't we mean a person who has grown up in an environment sufficiently free from outside pressures and restraints to develop his own private evaluations of men and events?He has been able to make himself enough elbow room in society to exhibit unashamed the little eccentricities and oddities that differentiate one man from another man.The man in jail will be different from his cellmates but his differences will tend to develop in frustration and hatred.Freedom to develop in- dividuality is inseparable from the attainment of what all the traditions of the race have taught us to consider to be the true human stature. Even to mention individualism or individuality in circles dedicated to the fashionable ideas of the moment is to expose oneself to ridicule. " exclaimed a lady to whom I tried to explain over the phone what I was doing in Princeton.Naturally it is colored throughout by the peculiar eminence the traditions of English law and of English thought generally gave to individual rights and individual re- sponsibility, but it is flavored, to boot, by a real enjoyment of idiosyncracy.Perhaps English literature will continue to be the conduit through which our now so discredited passion for personal liberty will be freshened and stimulated by im- pulses from past generations.During the sessions there were no guests, no reporters, and indeed no interruptions of any moment.Three daily sessions, held morning, afternoon, and night for four days, absorbed practically all but bedtime for the conferees.


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