How To Write An Expository Paper

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The rest of your paper should follow the pattern for the style of expository paper that you are writing.

The patterns include: Description – Describe your topic by listing characteristics, features and examples, using cue words such as “like” and “such as”, for example.

Here is an overview of what an expository paper is and the key elements necessary so you can write a paper that meets your professors’ expectations.

The word “expository” is based on the word “expound” which means to “clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing.” An expository paper explains by exposing and conveying information about something that may be difficult to understand.

Finally, your concluding paragraph should reflect back to your opening paragraph and reinforce your thesis statement.

As you explain your topic, you will cite references from other works to provide a complete argument.There are different developmental styles you can choose from for writing expository papers that each has its own pattern, depending on the subject matter.They should all start with an introductory paragraph and your thesis statement.You need step-by-step tips that will help you achieve the proper expository essay structure and write the paper with success.To start with, here are the most important tips to have in mind: When you have no idea how to approach this type of assignment, maybe it’s because you don’t understand its purpose.Problem and Solution – State a problem and list one or more solutions to the problem or pose a question and then give answers to it.Cue words for this pattern include “problem is”, “dilemma is”, and “puzzle is solved”.It informs by giving a complete, fair, interesting and relevant explanation about a topic in detail.It does not use criticism, argument or any form of development of the subject. When you have identified the answers to these questions, you can go on to do your research.It’s no wonder why this assignment is so overwhelming for students. For this genre of essay, you can use different writing methods: Your professor will probably indicate the recommended method, but maybe you’ll be left with general instructions.The expository essay definition is clear, but it doesn’t give you specific guidelines on how to complete this essays.


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