How Long Should A Master'S Thesis Be

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A common misconception amongst students is that a thesis can simply be written.But it's better to view a thesis as something that is continually rewritten.If you are at a complete loss, however, we recommend gathering up a half-dozen or so recent academic articles in your area that interest you.

and in the early planning stage, you need to be reading constantly. A lot of good ideas come from cross-pollination and interdisciplinary thinking.

You should probably aim for, at the very least, an academic paper or book chapter each day in the year or half-year before you begin.

You'll most likely have found out in the first class you took.

While the specifics of your thesis might not be at hand, the awareness that this process was one with which you would soon be engaged was.

You may need to toughen up a bit because you will hear things about your work that you will not like.

In the end, however, it should lead to a better-completed project.

If not, a good supervisor will point them out to you.

And that is another thing: cultivate a good working relationship with your advisor and accept criticism and feedback graciously.

Hopefully, after finishing these something will stand out that you can talk out with an advisor.

The simple formula for planning and completing a thesis is this: read a little, write a little, every day. You will want to read the core works in your area, but do not hesitate to branch into other areas as well.


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