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The paid promotions for Edu Birdie violate You Tube's Academic Aid policy, which states that "Advertising is not permitted for academic aids." The site's Academic Aid policy includes academic paper-writing services "providing customized/prewritten theses [and] dissertations." You Tube just pulled hundreds of videos sponsored by paid essay-writing service Edu Birdie, which encourages academic cheating.The videos were removed following a BBC investigation that reported the existence of more than 250 You Tube channels containing paid promotions for Edu Birdie on the site.

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The BBC noted that some channels had over a hundred videos removed.

In a statement to the BBC, Edu Birdie parent company Boosta says that it gave “influencers total freedom on how they prefer to present the Edu Birdie platform to their audience in a way they feel would be most relevant to their viewers.” In the last decade, an entire industry geared towards ghostwriting papers for students of all levels has appeared, allowing grade, college, and graduate students to cheaply purchase work to pass their classes.

You Tube over the weekend pulled hundreds of videos promoting the essay-writing service Edu Birdie, a Ukraine-based company that connects students with writers to compose their classroom assignments for a fee.

The removal of the videos follows a BBC investigation published earlier last week that reported the existence of more than 250 You Tube channels containing paid promotions for Edu Birdie.

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In 2010, the published a report by Ed Dante (who later revealed himself as Dave Tomar) called The Shadow Scholar, in which he claimed to have helped write thousands of pages of academic work for students, facilitated through a website like Edu Birdie.

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