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Communicate with teachers at the earliest possible opportunity once the child has demonstrated consistent inability to complete homework.

In the same manner, doing homework promotes a sense of responsibility and diligence among our learners, teaching them the values of hard work and industriousness.

My final say, I am not in favor of the absolute "no homework policy" to be implemented in our country.

Now that I am a parent myself, things are quite different.

Every night, I will always ask my kids if they have any homework to finish for the next school day.

Of course, I will help and guide them as they accomplish these.

Parents are always required to affix their signatures on the notebooks to signify that they have checked the answers of their kids.Posts that are inappropriate will automatically be deleted.Homework is important to student learning at Lincoln Middle School.I REMEMBER when I was still in school, I did not really bother my parents to help me in my assignments, projects, and even quarterly exams.As they say, I became a diligent student and earned my reward being included in the list of honor students every year.However, the fuss about the proposed "No homework policy" has affected not only students and parents, but also teachers and educators.Parents in general seem to be happy about the said proposal, but teachers are saying otherwise.In addition, students shall be encouraged to allot time to read for pleasure.Reading for pleasure and music practice times are It is recommended that students seeking assistance with homework speak and work directly with their teachers as they will be able to recommend strategies improving success on homework.Under the proposed measure of Senator Poe intended for public and private schools, teachers may only assign homework to students on weekends provided that it will be minimal and will not require more than four hours to be completed."The Department of Education has expressed its support to the proposed "No homework policy," stating in a statement that the "Department supports the no-homework policy proposed by legislators from the House of Representatives.By ensuring that they complete all assignments and projects in school, the no-homework policy enables our learners to find balance between their academic development and personal growth by having ample time for enjoyable activities with family."This is my personal take on this matter: of the three proposals filed, the most plausible one is the bill filed by Senator Grace Poe.


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