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What we don’t hear, is the research on how to excuse-proof our classrooms for homework.

It seems, we are in the dark about engaging students in the homework process.

Teaching Tip: Allow students to select 1 homework question each unit that they wish to see on the test.

Place student selections in a bowl/lottery and pick a 2-3 of their responses to include in each assessment. It’s unsurprising that making provisions for homework, increases the likelihood that homework is completed.

In addition, include homework feedback into lesson plans.

One example is to identify class time to identify homework patterns with the class (student struggles and successes).In a study of 180 undergraduate students, almost half of the learners agreed that teacher recognition of ‘doing a good job’ was important to them.Teaching Tip: Expand homework evaluation to include points for completing the assignment.For example 62% of students are satisfied with online assignments (this format provided immediate feedback and allowed multiple attempts), whereas, 41% are satisfied with traditional paper assignments (this format had no computer printing issues and it is a style most familiar).Teaching Tip: Assess student learning style with the use of learning inventories.Use the record to negotiate a daily homework completion goal time.As an acceptable time frame is established, this allows the student to focus more on the task.Differentiate homework to account for student interest and learning preference.Educator, Carol Tomlinson provides examples of low-prep differentiation assignments that include negotiated criteria, ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ projects, and choices of texts.(no dot or pdfs) Below you can see some examples of some really good pieces of homework from some of my students.Please go to the: B1/ PET homework tab or B2/ FCE homework tab to download your homework for this week.


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