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In his famous poem, Howl, he vividly and emotionally paints a picture of a horrifying time in his life in which he was consumed and destroyed by madness....

[tags: Allen Ginsberg, Howl, Beat Generation] - Allen Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California” exhibits stark contrasts in tone.

On a formal level, Ginsberg uses lengthy sentences to resist traditional styles of writing.

Ginsberg was successful in his rebellion and gained substantial recognition; further supported by the fact he even had to fight for his freedom of expression in the court of law.

It begins downtrodden and disheartened as the speaker wanders the dark streets alone at night under the trees.

The tone soon transforms, becoming more magical and whimsical as the speaker enters the “neon fruit supermarket.” By the end of the poem we experience a shift toward a more reverent tone.

In “A Supermarket In California” by Allen Ginsberg, the speaker of the poem meanders through the streets and imagines he encounters Walt Whitman in a supermarket.

Ginsberg harkens back to the thoughts of the transcendentalists and throughout his aimless stroll, he questions Whitman and through his questioning complicates the notion of modern America....

- In Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”, the idea of resistance is present in multiple forms.

On a thematic level, Ginsberg exploits the reasons the “best minds” of his generation are being destroyed (9).


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