Home Bakery Business Plan

You mainly require a Display fridge for cakes and pastries.Other than the refrigerator, the display area should have proper storage and a display rack for the items.It ideally should include: Learn in detail, how you can write a successful bakery business plan here.

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Find out how to create a Human Resource structure for your restaurant here.

The kitchen equipment is costly for a bakery business since each equipment is made up of stainless steel which is tough and long-lasting.

While purchasing one for your bakery business, ensure that the POS software has features to manage the shelf life of the baked items, robust inventory management as you would be dealing with perishables.

The price of POS software is likely to differ based on the features you wish to include.

The total count of manpower required in the bakery is 15.

The salary of the chefs, Commi, and helpers depend on their experience.The major equipment required in the bakery is Planetary Mixers, Oven, Deep Fridge, Cooling Fridge, Working table, Gas stove, Cylinders, storage utensils, and other equipment.Unlike QSR or Food truck, the bakery requires new equipment for better efficiency.We have given the set-up cost of opening a bakery in the image below which will tell you how much does it cost to start a bakery business in India.The total approximate cost of opening a bakery in India is around Rs 15 lakhs.For a 1000 sqft area divided between two floors, the rent should not exceed more than Rs 60-70k.Your expenditure would be around Rs 1,80,000 to acquire the place where the bakery will operate.Baking is one such passion that has been catching up lately, with many big and small bakery businesses cropping up.Therefore, bakers who are aspiring to bring their dream to life; we bring you a small breakup of investments, and how you can start a bakery business plan in India.With the startup wave hitting the country, and a major disruption seen by the Restaurant Industry has encouraged a lot of people to start up their restaurant venture.Professionals and home cooks alike are now fuelling their passion for food and to get into the food business.


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