High School Coursework

In general, we recommend that you select courses in which an exact Ohio State course (department and course number) is listed as an equivalent.

Try to avoid courses in which you will only receive general, special, or technical credit.

If you take class X through University Y, will it transfer to Ohio State as the equivalent of Math 1151?

Here are some general recommendations for Ohio State course equivalencies in math and science.

Coursework is a type of student learning work, in which there are elements of independent scientific research.

Writing such assignments prepares students for the creation of the main work that serves as the result of the training: thesis.

Every student has to deal with such questions: How good is to write a term paper? In fact, this is not very difficult; you just need to work well on the topic, additional literature and other materials. In this case, you should follow some rules: Thus, when writing a term paper, it is important to avoid both too broad and too narrow topics.

The next most important point of the high school coursework is the preparation of the plan.

Once you have decided on subjects, you will need to choose specific classes. One good strategy is to review whether the class you want to take will transfer to Ohio State as a specific equivalent course.

For example, Ohio State's first calculus course is called Math 1151.


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