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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. Media, promotion strategy and advertising campaign 5.5. It is therefore seen that there is an opportunity for the introduction of a mobile grocery business to service these consumers needs on a regular basis, bringing convenience store benefits and prices to their locale.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service. Future Industry Developments Section 4 – Market Summary 4.1 Market Analysis 4.2 Market Segmentation 4.3 Market Research 4.4 Competition Analysis 4.5 Competition Strengths 4.6 Competition Weaknesses Section 5 – Sales and Marketing 5.1. This business plan presents the case for a business that will fill this niche market sector.

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Between once and twice a week our mobile stores will bring convenience back to the local area.

It will reduce the trauma of having to make time consuming and difficult trips for the elderly and those who have time limitations.

The disadvantage of this situation is that any price benefit gained from their shopping is eroded by the extra cost and inconveniences they experience.

It is these problems that our mobile service is intended to address.

It is anticipated that each slot will cover a time period of one and a half hours.

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With hours from 7.30 am to 9.00 pm, and allowing for thirty minutes travel between slots and six day opening, this provides the business with seven retailing slots per day, equalling 42 retail slots per vehicle per week.It is anticipated that the vehicles will be able to carry a range of between 100 and 200 products, with the larger vehicle having the ability of offering a small range of frozen items.This will include all of the staple and basic grocery and food items that are always in demand by consumers.To enable the business to operate on the basis of offering competitive prices, it is the intention of the proprietor to develop a partnership relationship with an existing grocery distribution or retailing brand so that the business will gain low cost competitive advantage from the economies of scale that partner can offer.The will enhance the ability of the business to deliver consumer satisfaction and at the same time assist in the development of a loyal customer relationship.Business Plan Executive Summary Section 2 – Business Summary 2.1. NWMG will operate two mobile shops offering convenience store shopping close to the homes of those who live in the rural areas of North Wales that are not adequately serviced by local stores. This means consumers in many of the rural areas of Wales are finding themselves having to travel further afield for their basic grocery shopping requirements, which can present difficulties, particular for the older age segment and those in single families or with busy lifestyle.Valuable time and money is having to be spent by these consumers in having to arrange for transportation or to take time off work in order to do their shopping at distant supermarkets.Furthermore, there is a need to purchase additional supplies during these visits as they have no convenient store from which to satisfy sudden extra need or impulse buying requirements.To facilitate the attractiveness of the investment, it is intended to set the business up as a limited company, which will provide the investor with formal shares, which will pay out dividends as well as having the potential for capital gain return.In terms of legal requirements, the owners are aware that the business will need to comply with all the health and safety regulations relating to food retailing.


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