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Lecture 3 Rebels and Radicals: Canada and the Spanish Civil War Lecturer: Dr.

Patryk Polec What would compel more than 1,500 Canadians to travel to Spain to confront fascist forces when the Spanish Civil War erupted in 1936?

She has been a professional jazz singer for over 25 years and has recorded and produced four critically-acclaimed albums.

She has sung at jazz festivals around the globe, and given gala performances for President Bill Clinton and Sir Paul Mc Cartney.

She was nominated for the Grand Prix de Jazz General Motors at the 2002 Montreal International Jazz Festival and was one of two finalists for the UK’s Young Jazz Vocalist of the Year awards for 2001.

Diane’s original songs have also been featured in television, independent films, as well as the Hollywood movie “Charlotte Grey” starring Cate Blanchett, which featured her song “L’amour d’autrefois”, co-written with UK arranger/composer Dick Walter. in Honours Physics from Mc Gill University in 1995, and her doctorate in Materials Science (in the field of applied nuclear physics) from the University of Oxford in 1999, where she was a Rhodes Scholar.

Fifty Years of Darkness: Why We STILL Don’t Know What the Universe is Made of! The Human Microbiome and How It Affects Health (October 24th) 19. (re)Conciliation in Haudenosaunee Culture and Practice (October 25th) 21.

(Note: Section I and Section II of this lecture presentation contain the same content) Lecturer biography: Singer/songwriter Diane Nalini composes and sings in four languages.

In this lecture, we will go over the hundred year-old history of intelligent machines, discuss what they are, how they work, and why there is so much hype surrounding them right now.

Unfortunately, most reporters, and their audiences, are woefully under-educated about the topic.


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