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However, the one thing that has remained a constant in my career is my love for teaching writing.

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If you haven’t had many opportunities for formal instruction, draw on your years of experience as a student and the informal teaching situations that you’ve be a part of: mentoring, leading study groups, community service, tutoring, etc. Successful statements are also student-centered–they explain not just what you will do but also what students do in your courses. “Views of the Classroom.” Insider Higher Education. They are also attuned to the particular challenges associated with teaching in your discipline. We also encourage graduate students and postdocs to consult with faculty advisors, mentors, and peers in your discipline about your teaching statement. Those in your discipline can provide specialized feedback that will help you improve your statement’s effectiveness and clarity. The Teaching Philosophy Statement is a concise and specific personal essay that describes your core approach(es) to teaching and learning and expresses how you understand your role in the classroom.The statement should be single spaced and one-two pages in length (unless otherwise specified for a particular job ad).In the essay, you’ll use the first person (“I” pronouns) and stick with the present tense (I do “x” when I teach “y”), whenever possible.You should limit technical jargon that may not be accessible to everyone on the committee, and be sure to define any needed technical terms clearly.They also highlight concrete examples of specific course topics, assignments, assessments, and teaching methodologies that demonstrate how the overarching principles involved in your teaching philosophy are at work in particular contexts. They include representative examples which describe the breadth of your teaching experiences, relying particularly on those experiences which have most informed your practice. “How to Write a Statement of Teaching Philosophy.” The Chronicle of Higher Education.


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