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Today, despite all the odds I’m going to write something different than my short fiction story.Today I’m going to write about exercises, not physical but writing exercises.

These prompts are designed to kick start your imagination.

Divided up by genre, these exercises are perfect for beginners who aren't sure where or how to start.

Check out the literary magazine and podcast People Holding, which assigns photos to authors to write about! What did the moment mean, and why did it stay with you? Get out of your office or bed and go to a local coffee shop. People talk loud enough for you to hear, and their words, out of context, can go anywhere you want them to.

Is there a secondary memory that goes along with it? Collect random sentences from strangers and start a story with each one.

Find out more about drama and the art of dramatic writing with lessons on character, plot and dramatic structure.

The exercises below are designed to help beginning writers with specific essential story elements, such as character development, plot, and description.

Trust me [i’m a translator] there is NO similar translation in the world, each interpreter translate the piece from his/her point of view.– Le navire se portait comme je me porte, et comme je désire que vous vous portiez, monsieur Morrel ; et cette journée et demie a été perdue par pur caprice, pour le plaisir d’aller à terre, voilà tout.

— Dantès, dit l’armateur se retournant vers le jeune homme, venez donc ici. Aussitôt l’ancre tomba, et la chaîne fila avec bruit.

Will your story be about War, Aliens, maybe rejected love, the day after the rebelion, hangover in magic land…come on guys, your ideas. Yes I know that you may not know the language, but let’s say you use google translator and you see a text on English, try to work with it, try to write with it, or maybe transfer words, etc.

Our “job” in this exercise is “warm up” the brain, so that you could write something yourself.


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