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This is also sort of built-In in the Finnish thinking.

Education in Finland is an education system, in Finland, that consists of daycare programmes (for babies and toddlers) and a one-year "pre-school" (or kindergarten for six-year-olds); a nine-year compulsory basic comprehensive school (starting at age seven and ending at the age of sixteen, or by receiving the graduation diploma); post-compulsory secondary general academic and vocational education; higher education (University and University of applied sciences); and adult (lifelong, continuing) education.

Universities award licentiate- and doctoral-level degrees. Formerly, only university graduates could obtain higher (postgraduate) degrees, however, since the implementation of the Bologna process, all bachelor's degree holders can now qualify for further academic studies.

There are 17 universities and 27 universities of applied sciences in the country.

The Finnish strategy for achieving equality and excellence in education has been based on constructing a publicly funded comprehensive school system without selecting, tracking, or streaming students during their common basic education.

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Part of the strategy has been to spread the school network so that pupils have a school near their homes whenever possible or, if this is not feasible, e.g.

Finland’s “bright side” of its education is indeed a shining star of awesome, but their underside is just as dirty as anywhere else.

Overall, though, Finland’s practices are definitely best for Finland. Chinese -The Chinese education system tends to take a lot of heat in the Western world, but much of it is undeserved.

American-Insulter-of-Chinese-Systems, exactly what non-standardized approach you’re going to use to individualize the education of the children of ONE. China puts tremendous value on testing and the value of tests, and so they shine mightily in that vein.

This system, which would be terrible in Finland and is so maligned in the United States, is exactly what China needs.


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