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Making it to our list of infamous frauds are yet another bunch of review sites owned by Universal Research Inc.

From the first review site, you can observe that their top 7 writing service sites – College-Paper.org, Ninja Essays.com, Xpert Writers.com, Papers Gear.com, Rush My Essay.com, Superior Papers.com, and Best – share the same registration process, which could only mean one thing: all of them are under a single company.

In no way could they be called independent and impartial.

At the same time, as mentioned in my previous article, even best essay companies often carry out aggressive and continuous marketing campaigns that imply the creation of review sites.

I hope this is a good example of how essay writing services deceive their potential customers. Read my blog, reviews and a list of fake services review sites.

But we, students, have a weapon against such manipulations. And don't forget to share your experience (comments are anonymous).It is where they hire freelancers to accomplish the tasks needed for the students’ assignments.If you are a writer and would like to work with a decent client, then do not trust Writers because they will only use your talent in exchange for an unfair amount.I urge you to refrain from visiting sites by Net Fix LLC because they are proven to offer fraudulent writing services.Aside from that, Net Fix LLC also maintains a talent pooling site called Writers The same can be said for the second review site, whose top 5 picks are also similar to the first site.We're almost sick and tired to say it's fake, as well!In the modern slang, this is referred to as "smear campaigns".People pay top dollar to professional scam artists that invent devious lies on the given subject, after which the end result becomes viral in mere moments. What I found surprised me, because I discovered a couple of dozen similar sites (all developed by Net Fix LLC)that bring traffic to all the same services.I analyzed all 89 sites included in their rating and here are the conclusions. First 30 websites owned by the same company (popular fraud scheme I described in my previous post). All of them have a similar design, and their order forms are absolutely identical. I'm 100 percent sure that all the reviews are fake from the first to the last word – it's nearly impossible that a company with such a bad online reputation has an above average rating. If you explore these sites, it becomes clear that almost all of them owned by different companies.That is, Top Writers Review team deliberately wrote fake reviews and made them bad.


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