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Leading health experts estimate that 70% to 80% of U. health care costs could be eliminated by replacing animal products with a whole foods, plant-based diet.We eat food that makes us sick, then take drugs to keep us alive. Against Our Future Factory farming is one of the top contributors to our planet’s most significant environmental problems according to a report by the United Nations, which cited “problems of land degradation, climate change and air pollution, water shortage and water pollution and loss of biodiversity.” The report said that the livestock industry is a greater contributor to global warming than the transportation industry.

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This conclusion is accompanied by 10 recommendations, mostly directed at the Dutch government, to help realize a sustainable farming industry.

The professors have joined a debate that in recent years has been gaining intensity by a growing awareness of the threats of factory farming to public health, nature and environment, climate, and animal welfare.

By Gene Baur Farming has been drastically altered in the U. While agribusiness has mastered the art of “growing” and killing animals faster and on a larger scale than ever before, the costs and negative results of this so called “cheap” food system are severe for us all.

Small farms have been replaced by large, industrialized factory operations, and animals and the natural world have become mere commodities in the process.

The Dutch factory farming industry should be fundamentally reorganized and transformed into a system that meets the needs of all living beings and protects our environment.

This is stated by more than one hundred full professors in a 12 page essay leading up to a simple conclusion: Reduce livestock, eat less meat and dairy products.More than 40% of consumers surveyed agreed that our country was on the wrong track in terms of how we produce food, with another 20% uncertain about the soundness of our food supply. We subject animals to unnecessary suffering and early deaths, and in turn, we experience the same.We feel that there is something wrong but we may be too busy, tired or confused to do much about it, so we have accepted the status quo without appreciating its long term implications. Against Our Better Interests Animals who are raised for food are denied their most basic needs and suffer both physical and psychological disorders as result. This excessive and irresponsible use of antibiotics has contributed to the development of virulent, antibiotic-resistant pathogens, which render these formerly life-saving drugs useless for treating illnesses in people. Food-borne sicknesses infect millions of Americans every year, killing thousands, and whether these illnesses spring from animal products or other foods, the source of the contamination is often traceable to factory farms.Apparently, she did not realize that more than 100 professors, many with relevant expertise, have been working on this essay since February.I was shocked to hear this, coming from a minister who is responsible for letting Q-fever and ESBL threat get so out of hand.It’s important to lessen our transportation footprint, but we could have an even larger impact by changing the foods we put on our plates. It demands vast quantities of increasingly scarce resources, including water, topsoil and fossil fuels.Growing plant foods and consuming them directly is much more efficient and sustainable than growing corn and soybeans to feed animals before we consume them.Factory farming continues to grow around the world as a low-cost way of producing animal products for human consumption.However, many of the practices associated with intensive animal farming have been criticized by public health professionals and animal welfare advocates.Acting with callous disregard for the feelings of other animals undermines our empathic natures and humane sensitivities.Recent research conducted by representatives of the meat industry surfaced our feelings on this matter. explicitly allows diseased animals to be slaughtered and sold for human food, because excluding these animals would result in financial losses for agribusiness.


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