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For example, how our communication skills and activities have changed due to internet communication over the past five years?Here its appropriate to refer to scientific theories, or interpretations of the process.

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A hurricane is different from a tornado in terms of the fact that it only brings rain as precipitation, whereas tornadoes can bring about rain, hail and sleet.

Another defining factor is that hurricanes last for days while tornadoes have a lifespan of a few minutes.

Their rotation varies depending whether its southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere.

In the first case the rotation is clockwise while in the latter case its counterclockwise.

You should interpret the facts, but without imposing your opinion on the readers mind.

In the explanation essay, youshould put stress on the widely known facts without rejecting them or casting doubt on them.The amount of warning given for a hurricane can be between days to a week whereas a tornado warning is from a few minutes to a few hours.Another key point of difference is their size, hurricanes span hundreds of kilometers whereas a tornado spans hundreds of meters.It is very evident that both are related and should command similar respect.Both hurricanes and tornadoes are caused by instability in weather conditions such as temperature and pressure and have a rotating column of air.Your explanatory essay conclusion should be an open one as to allow the reader to arrive at his/her own conclusions.The information given should lead to unambiguous conclusions.Hold onto the commonly accepted interpretations of the facts.However, you may present some facts which are not well-known, but are proved by reliable authorities. Your explanatory essay should explain the process/event described in the essay: what was its cause, what were its effects, the circumstances, and so forth.Another feature they both share is their strong winds and rain.However, it should be noted that hurricanes can sometimes bring about tornadoes but tornadoes cannot bring about hurricanes.


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