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I expected the essay to be good, to be groundbreaking even, but I didn’t know anything about Solnit’s writing style or her narrative voice.Luckily I was pleased with both of these things – her writing is academic and formal enough to be taken seriously, and it is engaging and elegant enough to entertain and keep you turning the pages.However, once I pasted the fifth chapter I was engrossed in the story and could not put the book down.

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Using Richard Saint-Gelais’s concept of transfictionality, this paper will examine how and to what effects Susan Hill contrives afterlives for Cet article s’intéresse à la migration des personnages dans les suites de roman, genre qui a connu un renouveau sous une forme allographe dans les années 1990, dont elle constitue une caractéristique majeure.

En s’appuyant sur le concept de transfictionalité développé par Richard Saint-Gelais, cette étude examine The transfer, playful or not, of a character from one text to another can be observed in a variety of texts such as rewritings that change elements of the diegesis to reach a different conclusion or in companion novels (or coquels) that take the reader and some characters for a step aside and develop a new element.

It must have been quite the epiphanic moment when Solnit decided to distill this experience and its relevance to women everywhere into this eloquent and succinct essay.

It is a perfect translation of life into literature, and then into something bigger that permeates society.

She uses the example of family trees, where maiden names are erased, and sometimes lineages only depict the males of the family, leaving out the mothers, wives, sisters, daughters.

She also writes about the war in Argentina in the 1970s and 80s, where countless people were “disappeared”, and how the mothers of the disappeared were the ones who gathered in public to protest.If you have any interest in feminism and equality, no matter your gender, I would recommend this book.(1938) still have a hold on readers’ imagination, with the eponymous formidable haunting figure threatening the new couple.I’m always keen to read a bit more non-fiction, especially something like this that isn’t narrative (I read a lot of that).Plus, the Granta hardback of is very attractive indeed, so I just had to go for the origin of the term, something I only learned seeing the word in circulation – when it first became a thing there were lots of little articles about it everywhere, and examples of when women had been mansplained to were shared across social media. I’d heard of Rebecca Solnit a bit, so finding out more about her work certainly appealed. So, once I knew where the word came from, I was curious to know more.During the first few chapters of the novel "Rebecca" I was confused about what Du Maurier was talking about.I found her writing very descriptive and at times to be very boring.Though the book is under 200 pages, there are six ‘Other Essays’ in this volume.They all centre around gender, feminism, equal rights, freedom. It starts with an analysis of an untitled painting by the artist Ana Teresa Fernandez, in which a woman is obscured by the sheet which she is pegging to a washing line.


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