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If he had been speaking any other language, he likely would not have been removed from the flight. https://gov/topics/law-enforcement/legitimacy/Pages/Ultius, Inc. "Reflective Essay on Racial Profiling." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services.

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An essay like this would likely be found on a social justice blog or as part of sociology essay assignment.This argument has always been a pragmatic one in nature. writes: Advocates of racial profiling contend that it's a necessary tool during an investigation. criminal activity, this belief shouldn't be discounted simply because it was based partly on race or ethnicity (Kaenel). utm_term=.d35197e48135National Institute of Justice. People of German origins have more or less been simply assimilated to the overarching racial category of , along with the Irish who were largely discriminated against in the infancy of the U. Other forms of racial profiling, however, have emerged over time; and some forms have proven to have disconcerting staying power over the course of American history as a whole.What is clear, however, is that racial profiling—that is, directing selective law enforcement attention to certain demographic groups of people—has also been a significant practice within the context of law enforcement within most societies across time and place.Such examples, some extremely serious could be multiplied endlessly, and together could constitute a broad picture of the racial profiling of Muslims not only by law enforcement but every-day non-Muslim civilians. Some stakeholders have suggested that racial profiling is in fact a valid law enforcement practice that should be permitted to continue within the United States. , and more general threats to national security emerging from nations in the Middle East, tensions are high. For example, a young Muslim man was recently removed from an airplane after being reported by a fellow passenger, on the grounds that he was "speaking Arabic in a way that was perceived to be threatening" according to a statement by (Moghul). Japanese-Americans were rounded up and placed in internment camps after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.Today, people of Japanese origins are generally viewed as a relatively harmless security threat by law enforcement.


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