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One very important aspect is the importance of gods, goddesses and pinity.Throughout the story the gods help the characters, or show their wrath for them.But what stands out in The Odyssey is Homer’s depiction of characters, especially Odysseus. He thinks before he acts, which is makes him admirable and competent.

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Many also consider the work as a kind of continuation of Homer’s epic The Iliad. Eventually, he returns home to Ithaca, after ten years of war.

Many perse facets of Greek life and culture are reflected from the text.

He does not react to anything spontaneously, and thinks before saying or doing anything.

This is clearly evident in many instances in the text.

It is Odysseus who employs his strategies which result in the victory of Greece and the fall of Troy. Apart from mental capability, another theme that occurs often is that of loyalty. Odysseus’ maid, Eurycleia recognizes him even though he is disguised as a beggar. Physical strength and manhood were also equally important, with strength deciding who was better, and who was not.

Many critics and scholars agree that this was indeed, unconventional, considering the time The Odyssey is set in. Brute force was what a man’s strength was judged by. In fact, the final completion between Odysseus and Iros reveals that it was indeed muscle that would decide who would win Penelope’s love.

Odysseus' actions also unearth evidence of honorable character in Book 21, when he plans to massacre the suitors of his wife, Penelope.

He orders Eurycleia to "take care of the women's doorway/ Lock it tight/ must show her face" (lines 174-177).

People made countless sacrifices to different gods to earn their goodwill and support.

Disrespecting the gods meant invited god’s wrath and anger on oneself. One can conclude that the importance of the father-son relationship was much more than that of any other relation.


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