Essays On Cloning Should Be Banned

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And the reality is that the students have a lot of arguments.

Here are just some of the most important arguments that support a nation-wide homework ban: Now that we have seen the reasons why homework should be banned, let’s take a look at reasons why homework shouldn’t be banned.

It may be possible that many cloned species walk on the street along with us and we are not even aware that how many of them are actually present. Nuclear transfer cloning techniques have been successfully performed on a number of species; Tadpole in 1952, Carp in 1963, Mice in 1986, Sheep in 1996, Rhesus Monkey in January 2000, Cattle in 2001, Cat in 2001, Rat in 2003, Dog in 2005, Horse in 2003, Water Buffalo in 2009, Camel in 2009 and Pashmina Goat in 2011.

What is amazing is that Pyrenean Ibex, an extinct animal was successfully cloned in 2009.

Then the cells are divided in such a way that they fail to remember that they are skin cells, thus regaining their ability to express all their genes.

Essays On Cloning Should Be Banned

The later stage includes removal of the donor’s egg from the nucleus and mixed with the skin cells by using electric shocks.If the procedure is conducted successfully, the egg actually grows into a genetic copy of the original animal. The most important organs of the human body can be cloned and kept intact so as to be used in cases of emergencies, like when the real organs stop working. Cloning can help infertile human beings in producing children thus providing an easy solution to infertility. Cloning technologies can prove to be extremely fruitful for producing astounding genetic researches.Cloning can be both advantageous and dis- advantageous. The composition of genes and their effects on human beings and their behavior can be well understood in a better way. A number of genetic diseases can be cured with the help of cloning; the result is you will not suffer from diabetes genetically if one or both of your parents are diabetic. Scientists need a lot of plants and animals to conduct their researches; when these plants and animals are available as clones not only these plants and animals are saved but scientists can have as many species of clones as they need for the purpose of experimentation. Cloning can result in creating DNA diversity between human beings.An important question that arises is that how is a clone produced?It is said that while cloning animals, scientists start with an ear skin piece which is later minced up in the laboratory.What is astonishing is that cloned meat is also available in the markets of a few developed countries. Large Offspring Syndrome is also found in the clones as a result of which, it might kill the clone and its mother at the same time.It is also said that clones eat less and as a result excrete less.While students will quickly start to support the idea that homework banned in schools is a very good thing.But homework is still there and for those of you who struggle with doing it, we've got an amazing homework solution service.Clones can be trained and used in destructive ways. The natural process of birth is undermined as a result of cloning and the value and significance of human life is also underestimated. It is said that a number of clones lack the ability of reprogramming the somatic nucleus of the donor in a way that it becomes a fertilized zygote.The Food and Drug Administration of America on January 15, 2008 announced that cloned milk and meat may be present on an optimum level in the nation’s food supply.


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