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Much of this was owed to the Ayr Bank, which imploded.In less than three weeks, another 30 banks collapsed across Europe, bringing trade to a standstill.

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On July 15, the directors of the Company applied to the Bank of England for a £400,000 loan. By August, the directors wanted a £1 million bailout.

The news began leaking out and seemingly contrite executives, running from angry shareholders, faced furious Parliament members.

Between 20, it will decline — hopefully gracefully — into a well-behaved retiree on the economic scene.

In its 400 year history, the corporation has achieved extraordinary things, cutting around-the-world travel time from years to less than a day, putting a computer on every desk, a toilet in every home (nearly) and a cellphone within reach of every human.

On 8 June, a Scottish banker named Alexander Fordyce shorted the collapsing Company’s shares in the London markets.

But a momentary bounce-back in the stock ruined his plans, and he skipped town leaving £550,000 in debt.

And this is entirely a function of the intimate relationship between business and technology. Too much magical technological water has flowed under the bridge. Clarke once said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, but technology (and science) aren’t what create the visible magic.

Most of the magic never leaves journal papers or discarded engineering prototypes.

It is time to review the memoirs of the corporation as an idea, and contemplate a post-corporate future framed by its gradual withdrawal from the center stage of the world’s economic affairs.

Framing Modernity and Globalization For quite a while now, I have been looking for the right set of frames to get me started on understanding geopolitics and globalization.


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