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By the time a child reaches 3 years old gross motor skills will have improved dramatically, they will be able to run in all directions, jump and walk on tiptoes.

Fine motor skills will also have improved enabling the child to master more complex skills such as using scissors and controlling a pencil or paintbrush.

Using stories, rhymes and songs at this stage will increase the childs language skills, enabling him to speak in more complex sentences which in turn will allow him to express his emotions with more clarity.

However, social skills are still developing and tantrums can still occur if the child does not get his own way with his friends.

If you’ve been given the task to summarise a book or article, or part of an article, you may have considered some of the following questions. Students seem to find summaries challenging for a number of different reasons.

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At around 6 weeks the baby will first start to smile and will enjoy routines such as feeding or cuddling, particularly with the main carer.

At the end of this stage the baby is able to start lifting his head and will be able to kick his legs vigorously.

Between the ages of 4 and 5 physical development is improving at a rapid speed.

The child will have developed his gross and fine motor skills resulting in improved balance, being able to skip and play simple ball games and his drawings and paintings will be recognisable.


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