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Hawthorne uses symbolism, metaphors, and imagery to convey each character's intrinsic traits which are forced to surface as a result of the sin.

The author uses internal and external conflict to represent each character's wisdom gained from their suffering.

Unlike Hester, Dimmesdale lacks any way to vent his pain.

His only outputs for his pain are his sermons, which are not taken for what they really are by the adoring public eye.

An elegant, artistic, and beautiful young woman, she engages in an affair with Arthur Dimmesdale, her pastor and a Puritan minister, and conceives a child.

Spared the death sentence, the usual punishment for the sin of adultery, she is imprisoned for three months, shamed in public, and sentenced to wear the scarlet letter on her bodice to remind all of her crime.

In this story, Hester Prynne wears a scarlet letter for the adultery she committed with Reverend Dimmesdale while she was married to Roger Chillingworth.

The details of this emerge as the story progresses, and the story culminates in Dimmesdale passionately declaring his sin, and later dies after his premeditated confession, while Chillingworth dies soon after. each leaves the passionate lover, or the no less passionate hater, forlorn and desolate by the withdrawal of his subject.?

In this way, the A on Hester's chest comes to stand for able, and Hester is welcomed rather than scorned.

She has retained her self-respect and endured with grace and dignity.


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