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The Gospel according to Luke exhibits several differences from the other Synoptic Gospels.

For instance, Luke is the only Gospel to have a sequel, the Acts of the Apostles.

There have been many theories trying to answer this question.

First of all, the name Theophilus means, "lover of God," or "friend of God." It is unclear whether he was already a Christian, or if he was considering becoming one.

He also says that he cautiously examined everything from the beginning and this led him to write an organized account to Theophilus so that he might know the certainty of what he has been taught.

It is obvious that Luke wrote to Theophilus, but who was Theophilus?A widely accepted theory is that Theophilus was Luke's patron and helped him to publish Luke-Acts.Luke's purpose in writing the Gospel has also suffered debate.From these three occurrences, it is evident that Luke was a physician (Col ) and a companion of Paul (2 Tim ; Philem ).It is more than likely that Luke was a Gentile, but he was not necessarily a Greek.[1] Not only does the prologue enable readers to better understand the purpose of the Gospel, but it also makes the destination clear.Unfortunately, and in a similar fashion to the other Synoptics, the author does not directly identify himself within the text.It also seems as if Luke had some degree of association with Judaism because of his knowledge of the Septuagint ()-the Greek translation of the Old Testament.Not only did Luke compose the longest Gospel, but he also wrote more than any other New Testament writer.Luke is the only one that would fit into this mold according to Paul's epistles.Externally, even the earliest manuscripts support the title "According to Luke" ().


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