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Every recipe had to have a precise formula, as he believed firmly that was the only way to keep the quality of dishes consistent.’ Agak-agak means to guesstimate. (gen.) jelly and things suggesting it such as «Turkish delight» and gelatine (a.-a. It is esculent when boiled to a jelly, and is also used by the Chinese as a vegetable glue. Their sticky skins are made with glutinous rice flour, although Nonya versions have coconut milk and pandan juice added to them.

”) The Sunday Times (Sunday Plus), 26 November, P2 ‘He was from the “no room for agak-agak” school of cooking. [Soeloh Menternakkan Hidoephidoepan, Part I (Batavia: Balai Poestaka)] 16).]2 Agar-Agar.– The Malay name for a species of marine alga, the Fucus saccharinus of botanists; growing on the rocky shores of many of the Malayan islands, and forming a considerable article of export to China by junks. But when you bite into them, they are super soft, smooth and chewy.

Sour but not too spicy, it makes a good one-dish lunch if you are in a hurry., 19 April, 28 For a healthier dish, try the assam pedas (tamarind fish curry, $12.90), which comprises three ikan kembong cooked in an appetising sweet-sour soup. Since when did some of us become so ‘atas’, so superior, that we can no longer be tolerant and accommodating of those who are helping do the labour that will make this place grow, become more vibrant and attractive.

It tastes like Penang laksa without the noodles and prawn paste. 2 2006 The Straits Times (Saturday), 22 November, D11 The Nipah Palm.. The attap chee commonly found in chendol desserts are nipah palm seeds preserved in heavy syrup.

) Weekend Today, 14–15 May, 10 When you speak (Chinese with) good hanyu pinyin pronunciation, nobody thinks you are being sikit atas (Malay for snobbish). But, when you speak good English then people think .. So, you water down and try to fit in your English and be friends with people. 1 Medical leave assigned by an army medical officer excusing a soldier from all duties. I have yet to meet anyone who is ‘harder’ than a Singaporean auntie.

2 The state of being issued with an attend C medical certificate; excused from all duties. Believe me, they are rock solid and their resolute attitude and lust for life is something that the younger, greedier generation can learn from. ] spans all the major races in Singapore (well, all right, I have yet to see an ang moh doing so), transcending sex, educational level and age.), 3 April. [L]oansharks have been increasingly switching to high technology to cover their tracks. Surprise “gifts” of pig heads are a thing of the past. Thus, Ang Mo Kio probably referred to a nearly iron – hence, modern – bridge built to replace an old wooden one./ n. ] The goldband snapper (Pristipomoides multidens and Pristipomoides typus), a type of edible fish, often used to make the Indian dish fish head curry. 2006 (Life Style) (from Straits Times Interactive), 15 October. Ramu let on that this was because he uses Thai fish sauce and over 15 types of spices which he specially blends. ), 19 May, 23 I am hooked after my friend takes me there one afternoon to try the fish head curry (). Then got one of their occifer saw me making Maggi mee in the barracks, and arrow me to come and make for them. Civilian use: To delegate an unpleasant job to somebody. Today, 9 December, 47 It could be the ah pek, ah soh, ah chek, or even the pakcik or makcik – this syndrome seat-patting [sic: seat-patting syndrome? He has no desire to be a woman, he says, and he does not get a thrill from wearing women’s clothes. He ran an illegal moneylending business for 30 years, making up to ,000 a day when times were good in the early 1990s. Sighing in resignation, he summed up the bad times loan sharks were facing these days in Hokkien: ‘ .. And runners no longer wait outside homes to confront debtors. An idiomatic word giving a suggestion of indefiniteness or interrogation – even contemptuous interrogation – to the sentence in which it occurs. In those days, anything “modern” was considered ang moh, such as a brick-and-tile house, as opposed to an attap-and-wood dwelling. The common and scientific names of the fish were obtained from “Goldband snapper”, au (23 April 2008; accessed on 15 March 2009). – which looked and tasted devilishly fiery – was more flavourful than the usual Indian fish curry. The chao ang mor all arrow me to come because they were damn sian of their hard tack and hojjiber MRE [Meal, Ready-to-Eat]. Army use: In army administrative practice, a tiny arrow is stamped next to the name of the person in charge in official documents. These people are apparently so menacing that they have even been labelled with menacing names. , 3 February, B5 Devotees streamed in and out of the temple [Thian Hock Keng], built in 1839, bearing red and sweet gifts symbolising prosperity and good tidings: rosy pillow-shaped buns, apples and stacked packets of ang ku kueh, a red-coloured glutinous rice cake. ), 30 October, 4 [M]any of my Singaporean friends felt the term ‘ang moh’ was definitely racist. 2006 The Sunday Times (Life Style), 28 December, 11 “Adoooi,” the cabbie shook his head, as he pulled out of the lane. Notes from an Even Smaller Island 83 My friend David is always reminding me to stay away from these dangerous gangsters who stalk the streets. Many shops have also resorted to using machines to make these steamed cakes, which are shaped like tortoise shells as some believe that by eating these long-living creatures, you, too, would enjoy a long life. I sampled ang ku kueh, which the Chinese traditionally eat on special occasions, from 10 shops last week. as an interjection of sorrowful surprise, = adoh hai; cf. 2005 The Sunday Times (Life Style) (from Straits Times Interactive), 31 July. Loh Yeow Seng, 59, started helping at his father’s stall in the now-demolished Ellenborough market, near Clarke Quay, more than 30 years ago. An obvious corruption used to ridicule A-Level trainees when they failed to meet commanders’ expectations. Mop up milky vegetable stew with it, or drizzle coconut milk over the appom’s centre for a sweet, spongy treat. This may denote either the person’s ability at doing it or the superior’s ‘niceness’): Hokkien. I asked a fellow expat who’d been here a bit longer what it meant. The Arab navigators applied the name to both Sumatra and Java, whence Jawi, q.v. asam J[awa] (tamarind)..] Today (from, 21 September. [Kitab Gemala Hikmat] 84 and the riddling description of a durian (pěgang adohi, buka ambohi) «oh! And, in keeping with the Teochew tradition, the sugar syrup is flavoured simply with pandan leaves. The Arabian Nights or A Thousand and One Nights; compare Ali Baba basket a tall laundry basket resembling in shape the oil-jars in which the thieves hid to attack Ali Baba] 112 At the General Supply Base, they receive their army kit, and an ‘Ali Baba’ bag, a big duffle bag large enough to contain all their kit.. 2003 Streats, 23 December, 24 A cook prepares the appoms in front of the restaurant, to perfectly tissue-thin crisp edges and soft, fluffy centres. Get into favour with (usually aimed at someone who gets on well with his superiors. “I’ve been arrowed to work on that NDP [National Day Parade] project.” .. Java is described by early Indian writers as rich in millet and gold; it may have got its name from the millet.A hole is made in each buah keluak, the contents are removed and cooked in spices, then stuffed back into the shell. 2004 The Sunday Times, 26 September, L8 [H]is grandmother was a well-liked matron who could whip up a mean ayam buah keluak.The signature Peranakan dish is made from chicken, pork and Indonesian black nuts. Think tender pork slices smothered in assam curry gravy, complete with vegetables such as brinjal, lady’s fingers and tomato. As citizens and taxpayers, we certainly have the right to do so – ‘0K can or not? It was slathered with a thick, addictive assam paste, which was tangy, sweet, spicy and salty all at once. ), 8 December, 37 For something more filling, the assam curry pork with rice (.50) is a decent bet.


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