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Waste Management refers to the recycling, processing, transport, assortment, and monitoring of waste products.

Waste Management refers to the recycling, processing, transport, assortment, and monitoring of waste products.The waste products are mainly of three types: solid, liquid or in gas state.

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Solid waste is known as non-biodegradable waste Materials and discards that come from sources like: For Example: plastics, Styrofoam containers, bottles, cans, papers, scrap iron, and other trash Solid wastes are generally composed or made of non-biodegradable and non-compostable Biodegradable materials.

Solid waste pollution caused when the environment is filled with non- biodegradable and Non- compostable biodegradable waste that is capable of emitting greenhouse gases, toxic fumes, and particulate matters as they accumulate in open landfills.

This research paper explores about waste management and effects of improper waste disposal.

This paper defines and elaborates the importance of having waste hierarchy or the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as the concept of waste management.

' “40 percent of consumers brought devices because they simply did not use or want the item and 39 percent because they had upgraded.

Rather than upgrading at every new product release cycle, make more strategic electronics purchases.According to some articles that were read, human activities are the main cause of the calamity in our country.Ignorance of people brought large amount of garbage to our place.According to MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino, they have collected over 1,000 tons of garbage in just 4 days.They have dredged 1,200 tons of garbage from the eight creeks that scope of their flood control management.Proper waste management is not just doings of government for us but we are also assigned to do it inside and outside our place for our safety.Each and every one of us must have sense of responsibility in terms of garbage disposal to prevent any disaster that might come.When improperly disposed of, the heavy metals, plastics and glass in e-waste can pollute the air or seep into waterways.Recycling e-waste can significantly decrease the demand for mining heavy metals and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing virgin materials. A quick Google search will yield various websites that can help you find a local e-waste management solution.Have you ever considered the environmental impact from the number of consumer electronics we burn through every year?Consumers typically crave the latest and greatest gadgets, sending millions of electronics to landfills as soon as they upgrade to the latest model.


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