Essay On Importance Of Communication

Thus, communication occupies a pivotal position in the process of development.In the field of extension education, communication serves as the most vital means in convincing people for the acceptance and adoption of innovations.In other words, communication is a means to achieve the objectives of extension education.

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Communication is very important for development planners and practitioners as they mediate between specialists and layman.

They are required to develop and use effective communication strategies in order to play their role effectively.

This integration is brought about due to the need for world trade.

Businesses have established branches in the various countries; people are migrating to other countries for settlement and people are intermarrying.

In the 21st century, the world has become a global community.

Essay On Importance Of Communication

This means that different cultural backgrounds are now readily integrating than ever before.To help break the language barrier and arrive at a common ground, people have to understand and comprehend the behavioural and reaction differences brought about by cultural differences. Co-workers and employers have to cope with great diversity in age, cultural and gender.In the 21st century workplace, communication both verbal and non-verbal is at the foundation of everything we do.To become an overall communicator there are target certain areas that are crucial, and they include verbal and non-verbal cues and behaviours, behaviour patterns, confidence, conflict resolution, leadership, team building, the function and process of communication, criticism and constructive feedback and communicating more effectively with technology.Communication in the 21st century has significantly changed as compared to communication in the 20th and 19th centuries.In reality, extension education would be dependent to a large extent on the art and technique of effective communication.It is a main vehicle of transmission of the useful messages for their application through implied behavioural change.Extension education involves communication of technical know-how to the people.Thus, it is very difficult to draw a distinct line between extension education and communication. Communication enables people to share ideas, express their feelings and contribute to discussions and debates.In most cases, language poses a significant barrier to communication between different cultures or communities.


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