Essay On Good And Bad Effects Of Technology

Essay On Good And Bad Effects Of Technology-77
It’s creating and attracting people for concupiscence.People are laughing on personal attacks and companies are getting benefits by targeting poor mindsets.

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There are even newer topics to communicate the next day and we start looking for the next conclusions.

The use of technology in communication is increasing more concupiscence, anger, greed, fascination, and jealousy, it’s because the technology has created higher competition in the market, everyone is fighting with each other for career, business, income, and reputation. That’s leading to anger and stress in society for winning. Social Media content and many apps are producing vulgar content, far more than educational content.

People are so much busy and they forget their practical side of life.

For example, I am communicating with you, but at the same time, I am busy on my mobile phone. For example, Thomas Edison failed 9999 times but never lost his focus, commitment, behavior, communication with people and invented the light bulb and so many other things after that.

Many things are wasting our time and we’re becoming more busy than productive.

The debates, questions, viral communications are not achieving the desired results and conclusions.

But before the advent of technology, there was One speaker and thousand of listeners.

Everyone was hungry for listening and implementing the positive in their daily life.

Personal attacks mean here, reducing and comparing someone’s intelligence, making jokes on teachers, leaders and treating failures like criminals, etc.

and that is teaching our new generation the very worst lessons of communication. People are using mobile, computer, and sharing various types of content.


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