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At the same time, not the least role plays a woman in “Frankenstein”.

I’m going to get my master’s degree in Business Management at UCLA. I’m certain nothing will defeat me, because I will not give up on my self, or my dream to success. I started working full time as a teller in Washington Mutual bank in June, 2005.

I got promoted as a senior teller less than six months and I have a desire to go all the way to the top one day.

It was traditionally treated as the reading for entertainment but very often such works had a deep philosophical sense which was probably not so obvious for large audience.

As for the structure of any gothic novel it is traditional and, to some extent, rigid.

People had more free time and that let them spend their pastime as they liked.

The best entertainment of that time may be called reading.

Almost two hundred years ago, world literature was swarming.

At this period of time the publishing business began to be profitable.

The gothic novel is a novel of mystery dealing with horrors of supernatural phenomena. For example both Victor Frankenstein and Gluck look for their ideal but if for Frankenstein it is an ideal creature then for Gluck it is an ideal music.

Its appearance is also due to the renewal of interest to the Medieval culture. The usual things in gothic novels are: ruins, frightening landscapes, haunted castles. Also when I reread and analyze these works it seems to me that there is something in common between Gluck and an unfortunate creature of Frankenstein.


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