Essay On Corruption In Higher Education

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Thus, teachers sell excellent marks in spite of the fact that a student’s current progress is poor.

One can possess poor knowledge and finish school with the highest marks.

Corruption touches upon every branch of life; education is not an exception.

Although many developed countries have managed to reduce corruption in their education systems, there are cases that still prove its existence.

For example, more than 71% of Russian respondents said that they bribed teachers at least once in their life.

The same answer appeared among the 60% of Indian students.Hereupon, it is very difficult to graduate from a university if you do not have money.It is interesting that corruption is tolerated in many societies. They are ready to pay a lot to receive this diploma though they know nothing from their major subjects.This situation is common in the majority of the developing countries.According to the statistics, the most corruptive states are Mexico, Indonesia, India, Japan and Russia.Above all things, corruption exists in preschool education.Many kindergartens and schools do not accept children without a bribe.Such low-qualified flight dispatchers can cause various aviation accidents that can kill hundreds of people.Corruption is the most dangerous disease of our society.People take advantage of their position and take money for their illegal services.For example, a poor police officer agrees to release a criminal forasmuch he needs to feed his children.


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