Essay On Changes In Education System My Views

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Therefore, the infiltration of different subjects in the minds of school children has to stop.

The students should be taught to love the nation, play sports, live harmoniously in society, respect elders and stop bribery by dishonest officers in the government department and how to catch them.

By following the above approach we can bring peace and prosperity in our country and create a sense of love and harmony with each other.

Lord Macaulay introduced the education system that is still followed in our country is not for the benefit of a native citizen.

It is interesting that this system, of putting the knowledge of all subjects in the minds of the students in the fifth class, has closed them in their houses to cram books in a way that no one can complete his schooling work from 6am to 7pm.

The children have to attend tuitions as soon as they come back from school to complete syllabus.

Education has been a problem in our country from many years ago. We can give love and affection to our children but not our thoughts and opinion. Our parents want us to score good marks no matter how much we study, why nobody asks for students interest?

Students are graded upon their marks in some subject not upon their talent. Find difficult to get admission in their favourite collange. According to me, the whole education system shouldn't be changed as it will take a lot of time to be accessible and understandable to all so. why nobody asks for how much Knowledge students have?

They should be educated to bring to the notice of administration the potholes are on the broken public roads and about legal remedies available to claim their rights.

The students should be given moral education to check rising incidents of crime in the society.


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