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For example, the following all seem equally reasonable construals of the authors primary conclusion: C1: Reform of police interrogation techniques are necessary.

C2: Reforms such as mandatory videotaping of police interrogation are necessary for social justice.

In todays lecture I shall walk you through the process of reading an essay for its argumentative structure.

I asked you try to identify the articles thesis statement for todays lecture.

business consultant) / statistics / surveys / research data etc depending on the focus of the essay. Suggest that the argument might have a valid point, but that more information would be needed to come to a specific conclusion.

We are reading this article not for its content although I expect it to be of interest to many of you, especially the criminology majors but as an illustration of how to think in terms of arguments.That is fine, provided your own statement of the thesis does differ substantially from the sentences provided above.But a well-written argumentative essay will have a clearly-articulated thesis statement, and one need not to put in the extra work of trying to figure out what the central point is that the author is trying to communicate.Recall from the previous lecture that the two key component of an argument are the premises and the conclusion.Typically, the thesis statement of a given piece of writing states the conclusion.This �what else� paragraph obviates the necessity for a formal conclusion.Useful statements are along the lines of: XYZ might include one or other of: Expert opinion (e.g.In the case in which you are asked what questions need to be addressed to evaluate the argument, you might find yourself (depending on the actual argument in the question) focusing on misleading statistics and figures, the source of the information, or dubious comparisons that are made.No one formula fits all the topics in the pool, but you can easily work out the way to address the body of the essay once you have tried a few of the topics for yourself.The following format should point you in the right direction.Write an introduction explaining in your own words what the argument claims.


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