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Basically, I could never get satisfied with my knowledge in music Hi Marijose06, Please do not copy comments from other users. You must write original comments as everyone is here to practise their English.Copying and pasting doesn't help you to learn English, so please don't do it again.

It was quite difficult getting it from the music shop to my house: I had to take a friend with me to get it into a taxi and then carry it to the door. I was able to play whenever I wanted, using headphones so that I wouldn’t disturb my flatmates.I still listen to a lot of classical music by my favourite composers like Beethoven and Chopin.I find that, especially when I’m listening to a tune that I can play, I feel nostalgic for the piano keyboard. Do you have any tips to share for anyone who would also like to learn?Also I had a guitar at the age of 9 but it broke at the first day on my guitar class :((((( Hi mete, Thank you for telling us about the 'ney'. A lot of universities in the UK offer music courses and there is a list at Education UK.You might also find this video about a recording studio interesting. Jonathan (Learn English Teens Team) Our Magazine is written by young people from the UK.I really think that the Piano is THE BEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT EVER! New grammar question: Can I finish sentence with...-I'm able to... (..I think that I'm able to play violin.)I didn't say that because I said "play"and "violin"too many times in 2 sentences.I don't play any instrument but I would like to learn how to play violin. Thanks in advance,just want to improve my vocabulary and writing skills.Best wishes, Jo (Learn English Teens Team) in my opinion i feel that playing a musical instrument in very good and they are doing something recreational and oreferred to spend time in an instrument to be vague on the street or do nothing, as i spent time playing drums and i feel i m doing something good advantage I do play the piano. So when I finish the ' Elementary music school' (As we call it in my country) I am going to learn by myself.My other hobbies include drawing (I am not saying I am good, but I'm making progress), Book reading, Writing (again, NOT very good, but getting there), Procrastinating (I'm serious. I used to play piano at age of seven but my teacher went to another city so my new hobby is animals and all thinks about them. I listened to the instrument being played on You Tube by Omar Faruk Tekbilek and it really was relaxing and beautiful! Best wishes, Jo (Learn English Teens Team) Hi marinusca.Music is definitely the best way to express your feelings and to help you relax.I'm planning on learning to play the violin, and some other instruments in the future.


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