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The Navy deactivated the base in 1970 and offered the City of Seattle nearly 200 acres along Lake Washington (a northern parcel was transferred to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Navy retained the rest). This triggered a new round of competing claims by the Muckleshoot Tribe, Seattle Public Schools, City of Seattle, and other jurisdictions.The gift triggered a political struggle between advocates of park development, led by Mayor Wes Uhlman and Seattle City Council Member Jeanette Williams, and local pilots who wanted to convert Sand Point's airfields and hangars to civilian use. Seattle ultimately won the Navy's nod on December 12, 1997, with a comprehensive plan for recreation, arts, and housing uses. Under a revised 1999 "Blue Ribbon" plan, Sand Point hosts art studios and performance spaces, low-income and University of Washington housing, community agency offices, play fields, dog runs, and restored wetlands and natural habitats as part of an expanded Magnuson Park.MARCH 5, 2018: A panoramic view stitched together from four photos shot between a gap in the fencing.

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One half century later, the Miss Freei broke the world's speed record for a propeller-driven boat on the same course.

The Cold War's gradual thaw and mounting federal deficits ultimately rendered Sand Point obsolete as military installation. In 1991, the Navy announced its intention to surplus the rest of Sand Point.

He found the peninsula dominated by a large marsh around what was later dubbed "Mud Lake." William Goldmyer staked the first homestead claim to the area in 1868, Edward Lee built a shipyard in 1886, and Morgan Carkeek established a brick and tile mill on the peninsula's northern Pontiac Bay in 1889. Nearly 10 years later, Pan Am began operating seaplanes from Matthew's Beach, just north of Sand Point, on Alaskan routes.

Establishment of the Pontiac Post Office in 1890 and a school in 1908 signaled the area's accelerating development well north of the Seattle city limits at the time. Plans for an expanded seaplane terminal were aborted by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that 20 million Americans rose to the call for patriotism and planted a victory garden during World War II.

Canning, home gardening, and vegetarianism have once again become political actions.

A cast of characters all working together to get your point across.

Instead of proper grammar, you ensure proper exposure.

These days, it’s disorienting to walk or drive past the corner of Atwater Ave. That red-brick institution Montrealers fondly remember as their Montreal Children’s Hospital, the place that cured and tended to so many children, is gone. 15, 2016: BEFORE: The site stands untouched on the day development plans are unveiled by Devimco and the city of Montreal. 20, 2018: AFTER: All that remains is the nurses’ centre, constructed in 1919.

As if erased from the view, a gaping hole now looms in the landscape where lower Westmount meets Montreal’s western downtown city limits.


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