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Macbeth trusts in the witches to an extent that he starts to suspect people who are close to him, even his brother in arms: “We would spend it in some words upon that business, if you would grant the time.” It is quite clear that Macbeth has become increasingly paranoid due to his evolving relationship with the three weird sisters.Throughout the whole play the witches are in Macbeth’s mind corrupting him even further.

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The witches may also appear in many different forms, this has already been witnessed by the audience: “I come, Graymalkin!The reader is left to wonder if the weird sisters' predictions are coming true due to some superhuman powers that they posses or if their prophecies serve as temptations to Macbeth and are happening due to the fact that he gave into his greed, pride, and fear.One is left to question the foretellings of the weird sisters at the end of the play for mainly two reasons.The witches corrupt Macbeth even further by showing him three apparitions: “Come, high or low; thyself and office deftly show.”The apparitions were the cornerstone of the witches’ evil scheme; they further trick and blind Macbeth from the truth making him think that he is invincible, and hence deceiving him: “for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth”/ “Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill shall come against him.” It is here where we see the true face of the relationship between the witches and Macbeth as it really is: a deceptive, manipulating and equivocating one.This is never seen by Macbeth himself, which influences the story even more.” Notice the normal, familiar, even demanding tone that Macbeth uses with the witches.This emphasizes how close Macbeth and the witches are, or so does Macbeth think.”/ “Paddock calls.” When Duncan arrives at Macbeth’s castle the witches are present in a way.They are present in Lady Macbeth’s fake attitude towards the King: “Your majesty loads our house: for those of old, and the late dignities heaped up to them, we rest your hermits.” It is noticeable that Lady Macbeth speaks somewhat like the witches in rhyme this shows the extent of the power of the three weird sisters and how solid their relationship is with the Macbeths.When Macbeth receives news of his promotion, he immediately believes in the witches’ prophecies: “The greatest is behind-Thanks for your pains.”Macbeth is also very fond of the witches as they awaken his dormant vaulting ambition to be king.He cannot forget the meeting that he had with them: “My thought, whose murder is yet but fantastical, shakes so my very single state of man that function is smothered in surmise, and nothing is but what is not.” Macbeth very quickly believes whole heartily without any shred of proof, it is unimaginable how the witches could manipulate one who is supposed to be “Valliant”.


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