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Most follow creation science and regard the "days" in the first two chapters of Genesis as referring to 24 hour intervals.

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We reject every doctrine which denies or limits the work of creation as taught in Scripture....

Since no man was present when it pleased God to create the world, we must look for a reliable account of creation to God's own record, found in God's own book, the Bible...." Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod's doctrine of creation; adopted 1932.

Again, religious conservatives trace the authorship to Moses, and generally believe that this is a simple restatement of the earlier creation story.

The author of Genesis 2 writes that: God performed the first surgical operation, removing a bone from Adam and transforming it into the first woman, Eve.

Thus there is no consensus on what the Bible means: Many Evangelical and essentially all fundamentalist Christians believe that the authors of the Bible were inspired by God, and that their text is inerrant (without error).

Most interpret the Bible literally, unless otherwise indicated.The Hypothesis asserts that the author of the creation story seen in the first verses of the Bible was an anonymous 6th Century Light was listed as appearing on day 1, but its source (the sun and stars) did not appear until day 4.Most creation scientists, who generally support the literal interpretation of this creation story, have a solution to this puzzle.Many say that light initially came from God, before he created the sun and stars.Birds were said to have appeared before other land animals.There are a number of profound similarities and differences between creation myths contained in The Epic of Gilgamesh, Hesiod's Theogony, Plato's Symposium, and the biblical book of Genesis.The similarities between these works may reflect a great similarity between human kind, while differences can reflect cultural understandings and interpretations of the outside world.There is general agreement within most Christian denominations about what the Bible says.However, there are major differences about how to interpret the Bible.Bible inerrancy: "We teach that God has created heaven and earth, and that in the manner and in the space of time recorded in the Holy Scriptures, especially Gen.1 and 2, namely, by His almighty creative word, and in six days.


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