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The crone warns him to look past her haggard appearance and appeals to his better nature, but as the narrator states “the prince was cruel, selfish and unkind”.When he again turns her away, the crone transforms into a beautiful enchantress, and she places a curse on him, changing him into a hideous monster as punishment and to reflect the ugliness within him.Due to circumstances involving Belle’s father, she is now provided with the opportunity to star in her very own adventure story, proving herself a worthy and selfless hero along the way by sacrificing herself in order to save her father.

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In this way, the fairytales/religious stories/myths of a particular culture can be examined to understand that culture’s code of moral conduct.

, which are littered with evil witches that are defeated by the good child, it focuses more on magical realism to add fairytale charm to its narrative.

Belle is forevermore trapped within the castle with only a monstrous beast and talking furniture for company – it does not seem much of a life of adventure.

What follows is an array of musical sequences which all serve their purpose in adding depth to each character, providing the spectator with an understanding of that character’s motives and thoughts.

These stories are passed on through generations, and may alter as they do so, but they are used to educate children on how to behave in a socially accepted way.

Whether the stories are based on any truth is irrelevant; it is the moral value of the stories themselves that make them essential in understanding cultures and education.

Whereas many Disney adaptations of fairy tales provide barely any indication of a growing relationship between its primary couple, with ) only meet their Princes when they are singing prettily outdoors, and that appears to be enough for the princes to fall in love with them and rescue them with ‘true love’s kiss’ when they have both fallen into a death-like sleep at the end.

then is arguable more appealing and universal simply because it is more realistic.

As part of Movies Silently’s Fairytale Blogathon, in which posts from guest bloggers are contributed daily on a particular theme, in this case fairytales, I am contributing a post on my all time favourite film , and it is the latter that I am writing about for the blogathon. : Jean Cocteau Jean Marais Josette Day collection christophel " data-medium-file="

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